Better Value

No Contracts

Many server rental companies want to lock you into a "term agreement". You shouldn't have to obligate your business to that kind of rediculousness. You can rent SIRVIR equipment for one month or one year without any long-term contracts.

No Setup Fees - EVER!

SIRVIR is run by people who have been in the hosting business for a long time. We absolutely despise setup fees. A lot of companies try to get you to by buy from them with phony "limited time offers" and "setup fee waived" gimmicks. At SIRVIR we just give you the best possible price up front and you never have to pay us a setup fee.

SuperAwesome™ Support

SIRVIR provides only "SuperAwesome" Support. Our service and support staff are available 24 / 7 / 365 via phone or email to assist you with billing, service and technical issues. Most support tickets are answered and can even be resolved within minutes.

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SIRVIR provides additional service amenities at no additional cost.

While every other datacenter provider seems to be in business to do nothing more than charge you for every little thing imaginable, SIRVIR introduces the concept of "Included Amenities":

  • 100Base-T Port Many companies restrict your port to some tiny fractional connection to the Internet. That's nonsense. Even if you only use a small portion of your monthly bandwidth, you'll have a wide-open connection with SIRVIR.
  • Firewall While most providers can offer you firewall services for an extra fee, every server we offer is automatically protected by our state-of-the-art enterprise-class firewall.
  • Hardware Monitoring SIRVIR monitors your server's internal hardware 24 / 7 /365. Like a well tuned engine, we continuoulsy watch internal temperatures, voltages, fan speeds and hard drives. We can generally detect a potential hardware failure and replace the part before it fails.
  • Remote Reboot If your server requires a hard reboot, you can simply login to your control panel and reboot your equipment with a hardware reset or power cycle.
  • KVM Over IP Sometimes you just need to access a server via its keyboard, video and mouse. SIRVIR's KVM-IP allows you to login to a secure web interface and remote control the server via it's native keyboard, video and mouse.
  • Additional IP Space Most server providers charge you for IP space or even LIMIT the number of IP's you can have on a server. SIRVIR doesn't charge you for reasonable IP use as per our Terms of Service.
  • EasyLinux Control Panel SIRVIR's EasyLinux control panel is a basic and easy to use web-based control center that gives you control over your server's most popularly used functions, including setting up web sites, DNS, email and more.

Compare the Competition

  SIRVIR GoDaddy Hostway ServerBeach
Base Model Server
CPU 3.0 GHz
Core2 Duo
2.66 GHz
Core2 Duo
3.0 GHz
Core2 Duo
FSB 1,333 MHz      
Memory 2 GB
2 GB 2 GB 2 GB
RAID Hardware
Storage 2x 250 GB 2x 120 GB 2x 160 GB 2x 250 GB
Bandwidth 1,000 GB 1,000 GB 4,000 GB 4,000 GB
Port 100 Base-T   100 Base-T 100 Base-T
IP's 5 3 1 1
KVM Yes      
Firewall Yes Yes   Yes
Contract Term No No Yes Yes
Setup Fee $0 $0   $75
Price $99 $199 $199 $253
* Comparison data is from each provider's website as of 06/26/2009